About Us


Company Profile

Company name    Fujiseiki Co.,Ltd.
Location         1648-7 Tsuijiarai Showa Nakakomagun, Yamanashi 409−3853, Japan
              TEL:+81-55-275-6644 FAX:+81-55-275-5035
E-mail          fujiseiki@fuji-seiki.com

Site area          90546 ft²
Building area        18675 ft²
Representative       CEO Atsushi Shindo
Establishment       November, 1968
Capital           10 million yen
Number of employees  63 ( as of Sept. 2015)

Business description

Precision sheet metal processing
(Blanking, Bending and Welding)
Press processing
Press Die making
Assembly processing
Machining processing
Jig and tool manufacturing
CFRP Calcination

Main customers

Office machinery parts as for copying machines and scanners , Watthour meter parts for electric power company
Apparatus for next – generation energy , Semiconductor tester , Small motors control equipment , Power supply apparatus
Optical system, medical equipment parts , Next-generation structural material , Production site facilities parts and others


      Through “ monozukuri – manufacturing”, we materialize “ hitozukuri – human resources development ”
      and“ shakaizukuri – make happy society”.

      We are proud of addressing “made in Japan”, 
      and will pursue “heartful manufacturing”.
      We make efforts to build up work place environment
      that value “hitozukuri” that enable each worker to grow up.
      We continue to grow to help customers and strive for technological
      innovation in order to hold our dream, and to positively enlighten

“monozukuri by Japan”.

Atsushi Shindo CEO Fujiseiki Co.,Ltd.