Pacific Design & Manufacturing/MD&M; Construction update

February was a very busy month for the Global Business Division of Fujiseiki. From January 31st until February 12/13th, a delegation was sent to Southern California to attend a trade show and continue the setup of the new factory.

The Pacific Design and Manufacturing trade show in Anaheim, California, took place from February 5-7. It ran concurrently with 4 other trade shows in the convention center–Medical Design and Manufacturing (MD&M West; medical devices), WestPack (shipping), AXT (automation), and Plastec West (plastic). Nearly 2,000 companies and 20,000 guests attended, many of them local. It was a good opportunity for Fujiseiki to get a feel for the Southern California clientele, which was impossible to do at Chicago and Detroit late last year.

Additionally, Fujiseiki was able to meet with other Japanese manufacturers from the area around Fujiseiki USA’s new location. We are looking forward to having them as neighbors.

Renovations plans for the new factory are finalized and should begin this month,  while new new equipment straight from Germany is scheduled to arrive in June. Construction is underway!