FC Expo 2020 Report

Fujiseiki once again had a booth at Tokyo Big Sight’s Fuel Cell Expo, a trade show focusing on fuel cells and the alternative energy sector.

Date: February 26-28, 2020 (W-F)
Time: 10:00~18:00 (final day ~17:00)
Place: Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall

This year, Fujiseiki exhibited as part of the Yamanashi Pavilion.

Because of this took place at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of attendees was lower than previous years.

Decreasing our environmental impact is still an urgent topic, and fuel cells are an attractive method for reaching zero emission goals. However, there are still only 110 hydrogen refueling stations in Japan (as of December 2019), and as the number of fuel cell vehicles begins to increase, the number of hydrogen fuel stations will need to increase as well.

One of the largest hurdles to overcome is the initial start-up cost. Station maintenance is also a large expense. To help solve this, we developed a High-pressure Automatic Welding System (HAWS) to weld hydrogen pipes and help lower costs and increase the spread of hydrogen stations.

Some of our samples on display at the FC Expo.

Sample piping welded by HAWS.

Thank you again to everyone who same to our booth during the event, and apologies to those who couldn’t come. We hope to continue to develop our metalworking skills and contribute to the preservation of the global environment.

Thank you for your continued support, and please contact us anytime if you have an interest in our automatic welding system.