1Do I need to have a blueprint to give you?
No blueprint needed! You can describe your product for us or bring in an example of what you want. We can draw up a new blueprint and/or reverse engineer your desired piece.
2I don’t want a product made—I just want a design. Can you do that?
Yes, that is one of the services we offer. We can create 2D and 3D designs for you based upon your descriptions or a sample you bring in.
3I’m not looking for a finished product. I just need a single process completed. Do you do that?
Yes, that is a main service we offer. We are involved in several supply chains for other companies, and we often complete only a few processes for them or make small parts that are shipped to the next stage in the chain.
4How long will it take to make my product?
Projects are unique to each customer, so we cannot give a final time estimation until we have a consultation. It is dependent upon factors like the complexity of the project and whether we receive blueprints or not. If given a design and specifications, a project can be completed within 1-2 days for something simple, or up to 3 weeks for building large factory machinery.

During your consultation, we can discuss any time restrictions or concerns you may have and try to find a schedule that’s right for you.
5Where will you manufacture my product?
We have branches in the US, Japan, and Thailand. We will calculate where will be the most cost-effective place to both manufacture and ship your product.
6What’s the minimum order?
The minimum is one! We can quickly and easily make you a single, one-time piece. It can be anything from a small machine part to large factory equipment.
7Are you open to research and development partnerships?
Yes, of course we are! We are no strangers to prototyping and research, and we have had such partners in the past. We are always eager to be involved in these projects, as it is a chance to develop new skills and techniques in metalworking while also helping to contribute to bettering society—one of the core beliefs of our company motto.
8What are some of the measures you take to stay cost-effective?
As mentioned above, we have several locations at which we can manufacture and ship your product. If you are located in Canada, for instance, it may be cheaper to make and ship your product from our American branch. If you have a very high-volume order that will run long-term, we might have it manufactured in Thailand. (We will take any specific requests you have for manufacturing and shipping, of course.)

Another one of our strengths is developing prototypes without a die. We are able to accurately create a prototype quickly and with precision while maintaining the look, shape, and feel of a die-made product. You can view the prototype and easily make changes without incurring a high cost. Once you are satisfied, we can create a die for you if you desire one.

We also can create dies of different values. We can make custom dies out of metal layers that are of the same quality as dies cut from a single metal block, but for a cheaper price.

These are just some examples of the ways we try to bring you a fair price for your product. However, we will never attempt to cheat you out of quality or precision. Your satisfaction is our priority.