We're here to meet your every need,
supporting you every step of the way.

At Fujiseiki, your vision comes first. We believe in communication and your satisfaction. We can be there for you from the moment your idea forms to the second your product arrives on your doorstep. That's our Fujiseiki Promise.

We focus on:
・low cost
・difficult, complex, and challenging processes
・quick times between development and delivery
・problem-solving and consulation

You're taken care of from start to finish. All you have to do is call or email. We'll handle:
・mass production
・one-time orders,
・limited series
・CAD/CAM programming

Here's an outline of the ordering process:

Send Inquiry (phone or email)

It all starts here.
Tell us the kind of service or product you want,
and we'll set up a consultation to get to know
you and your needs better.


At your consultation, we'll talk about the details of your project. You can start by simply asking, "Can you do this?" We'll figure out your specifications, timelines, materials, and processes.


Based on the consulation, we will submit an estimate to you. At this time, if you are looking to prototype or develop a product, we can also propose an outline of tentative development plans.

Design and Blueprinting

We will make blueprints of your design. We can fine-tune it and work with you as long as it takes to achieve your vision.

Trial Testing and Production

One the blueprint and designs are finalized, trial production will begin. Again, together we can continue to improve the design until you are satisfied.


Once we've fixed any problems and met your requirements, we'll start production. Whether you want one prototype or 100,000 parts, we can take care of it.

Quality Inspection

Have we met your quality standards? We make sure to carry out rigorous quality inspection.


It's our job to make sure your product arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. Your satisfaction is our priority.