New industries・Research and Development・Projects of historical and cultural importance

Fujiseiki is always looking for new challenges and possibilities.

We aren't satisfied with the usual standard--we want to improve it. We install the latest machines and use the most current technology to go beyond the "normal" and surpass the expectations of a commercial metalworking company. In these new areas, we can find new techniques, skills, and technology to make your product even better. Although we can't mention every project we've worked on, here are a few of the projects we've been a part of in the past.
Alternative Fuel Components and Infrastructure

Rising CO2 levels have been a problem for a long time. Japan has constantly been at the forefront of technology, including the push into alternative fuels. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been applying our efforts harder than ever. We at Fujiseiki have contributed to the research and development of hydrogen fuel stations in particular. We think it's important to aim for a cleaner environment, so we take measures to go green in our own factory as well.
Contributions to Medicine

When Fujiseiki thinks about the future, we aren't just considering how to make a better world for our children; we're thinking about how to help people tomorrow. People might not connect metal manufacturing to geriatric care, but Fujiseiki realizes the need for quality metal components for the equipment that keeps our parents and grandparents healthy and alert. We have developed parts for medical devices for doctors and nurses that are easy to use and facilitates care for the elderly.
Natural Disaster Mitigation

When approached with the challenge of creating a lightweight, spherical interior for a vessel that could withstand being slammed by a tsunami, falling debris, or other dangers, Fujiseiki was eager to help. Japan is no stranger to natural disasters, and we believe research into ways to reduce loss of life is a worthy endeavor. Read more about our work on the Survival Capsule here