Disease Prevention Measures

To our valued clients, families, and friends,

These past few months, the world has come together to slow down the spread of COVID-19. With the world steeped in worry amidst the pandemic, Fujiseiki has taken measures to stop the spread of infection. We care about the well-being of our workers and customers, and we want to do what we can while continuing operations.

Fujiseiki has switched to conducting business through web meetings when possible, and some staff have begun to work from home. We have also distributed personal hand sanitizer, hand towels, and masks to each faculty member. Lunch times have been staggered so that fewer people are gathered in one place at a time. When meetings must be conducted in person, we use thick plastic guards that can be placed on the table between participants.

Masks provided by the company

Personal message from the CEO


In Tokyo, the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association have collaborated to develop the “It starts at work! Infectious Disease Response Improvement Project” to help with infection control measures being enacted by businesses. It seeks to provide businesses with foundational knowledge of disease transmission and how to curb it. Fujiseiki Tokyo Design participated in and fully completed the project’s educational course.

We often forget the meaning of the word “safety” when our everyday lives are times of peace. However, in order to maintain and improve this safety, we must make daily efforts to nip any problems in the bud before they grow into a real danger.

Going forward, it’s important not to get manipulated by unreliable news. Fear leads to panic. Instead, keep a healthy dose of caution, and remember to question any news and advice that you might hear and make sure it is sound.