2019 Catch Up: November Company Trip

(November, 2019) For 2019’s annual company trip, we chartered a large bus to Yokohama. The bus was completely filled, and everyone enjoyed the chance to talk and mingle with one another regardless of rank or department. With plenty of snacks and drinks, the 3-hour bus ride was a lively one.


We first stopped in Sankeien and walked around the gardens. It was a beautiful breezy day, so it was quite enjoyable to take in the trees and the lake before getting back on the road. When we reached Yokohama, some people split off for lunch while others went to hunt for omiyage, but all joined the flow of people living and working in Yokohama’s Chinatown. It was a theme of independence amid unity.


We want to foster this kind of atmosphere at Fujiseiki. It’s important to be able to freely mingle, exchange ideas, and speak candidly so that we can directly (or indirectly) encourage one another, inspire improvement in our work, and make each department more harmonious.

“A company trip in these times?” you may be asking yourself.

It’s important to balance out work with a little bit of fun. Increasing product quality, one’s personal growth, and one’s contributions to the company all add up to a happier, healthier Fujiseiki.