Aoi Nishikawa

Large Unit Assembly
1st-year employee
Our department handles large-scale assembly via welding. We're part of a recent expansion at Fujiseiki, and so our crew acquired the Mazak Fabri Gear. I am also a new acquisition of sorts, and though I'm new, I'm always trying to think about my work--how to be more efficient, how to eliminate redundancies and wasted time, things like that.

To anyone out there looking for work: Fujiseiki is a company with straight-forward, hard-working people who are conscientious of one another, and it makes for a nice environment. Even though I'm still getting the swing of things, I will continue forward. I know that with experience, I'll gain confidence. This feels like something worth doing.

Nobuhiro Omura

Production Management
4th-year employee
I help coordinate all of our manufacturing. We handle sales and purchasing, including department development and expansion, scheduling, and procurement of materials and parts. Our goal is to keep things running like a well-oiled machine--raise productivity, lower costs, coordinate the different processing sectors, and tailor and adjust production for all of our projects.

At Fujiseiki, we make sure to touch base with each other frequently. And while there's a sense of tradition here, there's also the spirit of creation and ingenuity.

Yoshihiro Miyazawa

Quality Assurance
9th-year employee
We test the products' specs. When something doesn't measure up, we look for the cause and take countermeasures. Then we improve the design or process and instruct the staff how to fix it. We also inspect any incoming products from partner companies before we work on them.

Lead time is pretty short here, but we try to strike a balance between maintaining quality and keeping quick delivery times. I believe that quality is cultivated by each processing division; it's my job to manage and preserve it.

Everyone has good connections with each other at Fujiseiki, and knowing each other well is a big advantage.

Reo Kaminuma

Logistics and Delivery
4th-year employee
Logistics is the final hurdle in production. Mainly it's packaging and delivery, but that's oversimplifying it. Everyone put their hard work and soul into these goods, so our department must treat them with delicacy--no scratches or damages. It's our job to guard the merchandise until the customer receives it. Whether this merchandise's value rises or falls is our burden to bear.

Fujiseiki has a very professional environment, so some people might equate that to strictness and difficulty. However, fear is not a job requirement here. It's actually quite easy to make friends and learn from everyone, so you can work with peace of mind.

Yuki Tatsuzawa

Sales Department
2nd-year employee
Being in sales, I'm a direct line between our customers and Fujiseiki. It's my policy to reach out to my clients and talk with them personally. One I hear their requests and specifications, I see if they can be satisfied by Fujiseiki's skills, costs, and lead time, and then I bring everything back and have discussions with each division.

I've only been here for a year, but I can tell the teamwork is good. I get a lot of advice from the different departments, and it's reassuring to know everyone is here to support you.

Tamami Kono

2nd-year employee
Administration work is mainly attendance, working reception, and office supply management (like purchasing uniforms). I support the daily activities of the workers, so I try to be aware of their needs. I've been at Fujiseiki for 1 year, and I'm still surprised by the high level and detail of everyone's presentations and observations during our monthly quality circle. The staff and the workers constantly think about how to improve things. I think this is only possible with good communication.

I find Fujiseiki to be fun, not strict. We have things like a yearly summer barbeque and a company trip. You can make a lot of friends here.