Career Fairs, New Hires

In Japan, a school year lasts from April to March, making March into prime job hunting season. Fujiseiki attended 3 job fairs to try and attract new applicants as the company expands.

On March 1st, for the third year running, Fujiseiki had a booth at the JET Programme Career Fair in Tokyo Bay’s Makuhari Hall. This career fair caters to the participants in the JET Programme, all of whom are foreigners working in Japan as English teachers or translators working with municipal and prefectural districts. Hundreds of foreigners gathered to look for employment, and a fair number of them sent in resumes to Fujiseiki. We are excited to see if any of them will enter our company later this year.

Another job fair was held in Yamanashi on March 5th for graduating local university students. The atmosphere was much more subdued than the huge event in Tokyo Bay, but the participants were just as eager and earnest in their job hunt.

Finally, on March 14th there was another career fair in Tokyo for graduating university students.

March was also a month of introductions. We welcomed a new American hire, created/expanded the Group Leader system, and formed the Foreign Business Division. In April, Fujiseiki welcomed three new young employees. As they take their first steps down their career paths, we wish them great success and look forward to seeing their progress here!