The CEO Bar

There aren’t often opportunities to speak with corporate personnel outside of job fairs, company visits, and interviews. In addition, rigid company structure often keeps prospective employees from being able to ask and discuss questions directly with the company’s main decision makers. To bridge the gap between young job seekers and high-ranking staff, there is The CEO Bar.

At The CEO Bar, students and business owners can talk in a small, casual setting without wading through the mire of corporate culture. Talk flows as easily as the drinks as CEOs, presidents, and managers take order and serve drinks and snacks to the student guests. Our own CEO, Mr. Atsushi Shindo, spent an evening at The CEO Bar last month, speaking with young job seekers about a variety of topics. He says that he was able to hear what the students were truly thinking and feeling, and overall it was an enjoyable experience.

You yourself can visit this bar (LAWNs Bar) in Kofu City, though the CEO event does not have a regular schedule. Job-seeking students from both within and outside of Yamanashi are invited to check out the links below to get more information and see when the next event will be held.

Good luck!

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