Fujiseiki makes the cut! METI’s 2019 Habataku

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) recently released Habataku, their yearly national list for noteworthy small- to medium-sized businesses and small, independent business owners.

There are 35,780,000 SMEs and SBOs in Japan according to METI in November 2018, and out of all of them, Fujiseiki was chosen as one of the top 300 for this year.

Selected companies were recognized and categorized in one of three areas: productivity growth, new business growth, and social responsibility. We were chosen for our contributions to this final category, particularly for our continual support and employment of women, seniors, and foreigners in our company and community. It is an honor to be recognized for our hard work.

We believe that a company is a part of its community and thus has a social responsibility to improve it. When we manufacture our products, we aren’t just making metal goods; we are building relationships and skills with each other and with our clients. We also collaborate with students and their research, hire foreign interns/workers to teach them high-quality Japanese manufacturing techniques, and continue the development of our alternative energy projects. Our ultimate goal is to better the people around us and create a better society.

We don’t see METI’s inclusion of us as a prize, but rather as a source as inspiration for us to pursue even greater excellence and contribute even more to our society through our work. Of course, we thank them for their recognition, and we hope to grow even more in the future.

You can access this year’s Habataku here (Japanese only).